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Rideau in the 1960’s
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The original Rideau Hotel was built in the early 1900’s, and was part of the era of grand hotel properties that operated from the early to mid 1900’s in Ocean City. In 1959, a local family, the Birch’s, purchased the property and have owned and operated it ever since. Known for its large oceanfront porch complete with rocking chairs, the original property had 105 rooms, 2 apartments and 2 dining rooms, one formal and one sun bathers dining room. The Rideau offered the American Plan, serving breakfast and dinner to its guests daily. It was also one of the first to have elevator service to its guest rooms. The hotel also offered accommodations for its seasonal staff of 50 employees. In its hay-day the Rideau Hotel was a community within itself during the summer season. On March 11, 1970 The Roosevelt Hotel, located next door, caught fire during spring renovations creating what would become one of the largest fires Ocean City had ever seen. All the local fire companies from the neighboring towns came to help; however, it was not enough and the fire got the upper hand. Eventually spreading and engulfing 2 of the 3 Rideau buildings, causing so much smoke and water damage to the third building that it had to be torn down. The Birch family immediately began to rebuild with 6 boardwalk stores and a restaurant which were completed in 1971. The completion of the 48 room Rideau Motor Inn, followed in 1972. Although all we have are memories of the old Rideau, there are some things that have never changed. The Rideau Motor Inn is still owned and operated by 3 generations of the Birch family. We still have the best location in Ocean City within walking distance to shops & restaurants, the widest beach, oceanfront with the best views, all up to date conveniences, swimming pool, on site parking with great personal service and a family atmosphere, all of which are hallmarks of the Rideau experience. We welcome you to enjoy your family vacation with us!